Frequently Asked Questions



What is included in the package?



(Poster Not Included)

- Out Package 140*190*30mm

- CD-R 118*118mm

- Photobook 128*177mm / 84p

- Ticket 55*140mm

- Removable Sticker 65*160mm / 1 Random out of 7

- Photocard 55*85mm / 2 Random out of 14


*The external packaging (album's outer box) is just for the protection of the goods inside the album; scratches, discoloration, or minor dents on the case cannot be the reason for an exchange or return.

*Album benefits are available in limited quantities, and defects found on these items may not be replaceable.


MyMusicTaste Exclusive Gifts

For every ‘purchaser’

- 1x MyMusicTaste exclusive photocard per album (1 Random Photocard out of 7)

Example: If you purchase 20x albums, you will receive 20x MyMusicTaste exclusive photocards

*MyMusicTaste exclusive photocard will be distributed randomly despite the total number of albums purchased

*Photos for the exclusive photocards will be different from the 1st and 2nd fansign events


For every ‘winner’

- Signed Album + 1 Group Selfie Hologram Photocard

*All winners’ rewards will be shipped out after the fansign event, together with the remaining items purchased in the associated order number


Will my purchase be reflected on the physical album charts?

Yes, album purchases will be reflected on the Hanteo chart.


Will my album have the official Hanteo Chart stamp?

Yes, your purchased album will have the Hanteo Chart stamp.



When will sales open and close?

Open: April 6, 2021 at 4:00 PM KST

Close: April 10, 2021 at 11:59 PM KST


Do I need to register on MyMusicTaste before placing an order?

Yes, you must have a MyMusicTaste account to place an order. Please note that only single participation is allowed per account (i.e. you cannot purchase for two different people using the same MyMusicTaste account).


What kinds of payments do you accept?

For payment related inquiries, please refer here.


Do I need to register on PayPal before placing an order?

No, you can create a PayPal account during checkout if you do not already have an account.


How many items can I order? Is there a limit?

It is restricted to 20 albums per transaction. If you wish to purchase more, you can do so by going through another transaction.


*One bulk order = one transaction

**One album in the bulk = one entry (e.g. if you purchase 5 albums, you will have 5 entries)


How do I check my order status?

You will receive an order summary email upon completing your order successfully. You can also check your order(s) under ‘Purchases’ after logging into your MyMusicTaste account.


Please keep in mind that you will receive an email and SMS for your order regardless of the notifications settings on your MyMusicTaste account.


Can I get a refund?

All sales are final and no refunds or order amendments are allowed. Please check your order thoroughly before completing the transaction. 




How will you select the winners?

Winners will be selected randomly via a draw.


Can I win more than once?

No, you cannot win multiple times.


Can I participate multiple times?

You can purchase more than one album in multiple transactions (1 album = 1 entry) to participate in the draw, but you can only attend the event once.


When and where will you announce the winners?

The winners will be announced on April 11, 2021 at 4:00 PM KST via an individually sent email to the winners.



For regions/areas where delivery has been suspended due to COVID-19, packages will be shipped out when delivery becomes available.

*Please note that all shipping addresses for DHL Express, including recipient name should be written in English letters only. If Japanese, Chinese or any other characters are used in your information, it may affect the shipping status and cause delays.


**All Korea based shipping addresses must be written in Korean characters, and include a valid Korean phone number in order to prevent delays in shipment. MyMusicTaste is not liable nor responsible for any packages lost, returned, or delayed should the purchaser fail to follow the above.


***Please be advised that DHL Express is unable to deliver packages to P.O. Box addresses or to military bases.


Can I change the delivery address on my order?

Yes, you can edit the delivery address via ‘My Orders’ on the project page; however, the country of your shipping address cannot be changed once the payment has been made.


Please also note that you will not be able to make any changes after the sales end date on April 10, 2021 at 11:59 PM KST.

**If DHL Express is the selected courier of choice, please be advised that once the package has been shipped out, all address change requests should be made directly with the courier via their ODD service. 

Where can I get my albums shipped to?

You can only get your order(s) shipped to the countries via the courier services currently listed on the project page.


When will my order be shipped out?

Your order will be shipped out approximately 7 business days after the sales closing date, and your tracking number will be available to view via the ‘Purchases’ section of your ‘My Activity’ page once your order has been shipped.


Are duties and taxes included in the price?

Duties and taxes are NOT included in the price.


Please note that all international packages may be subject to duties and taxes depending on the country, and this charge is determined by your local customs authority. Kindly refer to your local customs website for more information. 


Failure to comply or pay for the fees incurred within the designated time period determined by your local customs authority may result in your package being returned or permanently disposed of, and MyMusicTaste will not be responsible for any issues caused by this matter.


*MyMusicTaste does not accept nor practice amending the value or content of official invoices


What is MyMusicTaste’s EORI code?

Our European Union registration and identification (EORI) number is IE3431072KH.


My package is being sent back to the sender because I missed my delivery. What should I do?

Failure to fill in the shipping information correctly may result in issues regarding product delivery. There will be no compensation for the resulting damages.


If you would like the product to be re-delivered, please note the additional shipping costs incurred are at the expense of the purchaser.


How much would it cost for a re-shipment?

The re-shipment cost will be calculated in accordance with postal rates, depending on the type, weight of the parcel, shipping address, and additional options. 


Re-shipment cost = shipping fee + forwarding fee + return fee*

My package arrived damaged or has a defect. What should I do?

MyMusicTaste is not liable for loss or damage resulting from any deliberate act or during the transportation and/or delivery of the goods. If, however, you received your product and believe there is a defect or it arrived damaged, please contact us within seven (7) business days of the order’s delivery date

In your message, please include:

- your order number

- photo of the shipping label, which you may find on the outside of your parcel box

- photos and video evidence of everything that is included in the box/package, including the damaged or defective items. 

If you are missing or have received a defective/damaged MyMusicTaste Exclusive Gift, please also send us an image of the barcode that is placed on the outside of the product. 

Once we receive this information, we will fully examine it and offer a full or partial exchange of the product with its re-shipment cost at MyMusicTaste’s expense.

For defective or missing items of projects with multiple versions of goods, please be advised that the exact same item or version may not be guaranteed as a replacement. 

The following reasons will not qualify or be accepted as a reason for product replacement:

- If the user does not make a claim within the timeline

- If the user fails to provide all of the requested supporting documentation

- If the item is found damaged at the user’s fault

- If there are minor scratches, folds, defects, or untidy corners on the MyMusicTaste Exclusive photocards 


Can I use a third-party shipping or freight forwarding service?

If a third-party shipping or freight forwarding service is used to ship items internationally, please be informed that:

  • Packages may be delayed, lost, rejected, or charged additional customs fees, which will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser

  • MyMusicTaste will not be responsible for any loss, damage, defect, material difference, or fees incurred after they’re delivered to you or a freight forwarder.

  • MyMusicTaste will not be able to provide a replacement, refund, or compensation for any shipment taken outside of South Korea via a freight forwarding or third-party shipping service.

  • You or the designated freight forwarder are solely responsible for compliance with all export and import regulations. MyMusicTaste must not be listed on any export documentation (e.g., invoices, air waybills, packing lists, export declarations, etc.). 




Will there be a translator?

An English interpreter will be available, but the participation of the interpreter will be limited to a minimum due to time limitations.


Will this event be open for everyone to see? Or is it closed?

The event will be open only for the selected lucky fans determined by the draw.


Can I transfer my package to others?

Only the original purchaser can participate in the event. The purchase cannot be transferred to a third-party.


Can I make adjustments to my participation order?

No, please be advised that you cannot choose or request a specific slot time. Slot orders and times are selected randomly to ensure fairness for all participants.


Is there an age restriction?

There is no age restriction for this event. Fans of all ages are welcome. 



MYMUSICTASTE is a member of 2022 HANTEO FAMILY and purchased items at the store will certainly be reflected on HANTEO CHART.
See HANTEO family members >
MYMUSICTASTE is a member of 2022 HANTEO FAMILY and purchased items at the store will certainly be reflected on HANTEO CHART.
See HANTEO family members >
MYMUSICTASTE is a member of 2022 HANTEO FAMILY and purchased items at the store will certainly be reflected on HANTEO CHART.
See HANTEO family members >
MYMUSICTASTE is a member of 2022 HANTEO FAMILY and purchased items at the store will certainly be reflected on HANTEO CHART.
See HANTEO family members >
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