Global Video Call Event

CSR - Global Video Call Event
CSR - Global Video Call Event


Global Video Call Event


Buy CSR 1st MINI ALBUM [Sequence : 7272] and automatically enter for the global fansign event!

Product type

Fansign Info. 

Join MyMusicTaste online fansign event, a one-of-a-kind opportunity to interact with your favorite artists! 

  • Sales Period: From August 4, 2022 at 3:00 PM KST to August 6, 2022 at 11:59 PM KST

  • 30 winners will be announced on August 8, 2022 at 3:00 PM KST via email.

  • The Global Video Call Event will happen on August 19, 2022 at 8:00 PM KST

Album Info. 

  • CSR 1st MINI ALBUM [Sequence : 7272]

  •  OUTBOX 225*162*24mm

  • PHOTO BOOK 150*210mm / 108p

  • ENVELOPE + CD 30*130mm

  • ENVELOPE with love, CSR 120*170mm

  • FILM PHOTO 150*100mm / RANDOM 1 OUT OF 7

  • MOVIE TICKET 70*140mm / RANDOM 1 OUT OF 7

  • MESSAGE MEMO 80*120mm / RANDOM 1 OUT OF 7

  • PHOTO STAND 150*193mm / 1ea

  • STICKER 130*130mm / 1ea

  • PHOTO CARD 55*85mm / RANDOM 2 OUT OF 21

Track List. 

1. 72.72Hz

2. Pop? Pop!

3. Manito

4. Toi Et Moi

5. Euratcha!

Participation Notice


-Order ID from MyMusicTaste

-Messenger of Preference

-User ID of selected messenger or phone number or email address

-Country of residence


-Recipient: MyMusicTaste, POPMUSIC

-Purpose: Verification of winners and shipment of products

-Category: Name, date of birth, phone number, messenger ID

-Usage Period: Once the information has been confirmed and used for its targeted purpose, all related documentation will be expunged immediately.


1. The winner prepares his/her phone before the event and waits for their turn.

- Only winners will be notified of their turn in the order sequence for the fansign individually via email.

2. Answer the video phone call from MyMusicTaste.

- Before the video phone call, we will send the guidelines via your selected preferred messenger.

- If you do not answer the phone call twice, we will move on to the next person, and you will lose your chance to participate in this event. Please be sure to answer the call.

3. When the fansign event finishes, please be sure to end the call.

*MyMusicTaste fansign events follow the rules provided by artist management. The guidelines and procedure may vary accordingly.


1. Submitting a Claim for a Missing or Damaged Product

a) General
All claims for missing or damaged items must be submitted to MyMusicTaste within seven (7) business days of delivery as marked by the shipping company. The customer must provide all requested documentation supporting the claim within thirty (30) business days of MyMusicTaste receiving notice of the claim, and these must be able to verify MyMusicTaste’s responsibility for the damaged, defective, or missing item. 


Written documentation supporting your claim must include the following: 

- Order number 

- Photo of the shipping label and outer packaging. 

- Photo(s) of all items received, including the damaged or defective items 

- Detailed description of the damage or defect of your product

- Photo of the barcode from the MyMusicTaste Exclusive Photocards’ outer packaging

Once we receive the requested evidence, we will fully examine it and provide a full or partial exchange of the product with its reshipment cost at the expense of MyMusicTaste. 

Please note that MyMusicTaste is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any deliberate act, as well as loss or damage during the transportation or delivery of goods. 

b) Winners’ Benefits

Claim submitting process applies accordingly to the above statement.

However, please note that if a defect or missing is found in the winners’ benefit, a Signed Album can be provided as compensation without the ‘Sign To’ which is submitted from the Form.

2. Duties & Taxes

Duties and taxes are not included in the price. Your package may incur fees upon delivery, and this charge is determined by your local customs authority. 

All unclaimed packages that are returned to the sender can only be reshipped at the expense of the purchaser. The calculation of the re-shipment cost will be in accordance with postal rates, depending on the type, weight of the parcel, shipping address, and additional factors.

Due to the current EU VAT rules (effective from July 1, 2021), please note that customs fees will be applied to all e-commerce goods shipped to the European Union regardless of their price. Therefore, product replacements are subject to customs fees as well.

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