ONEUS 3rd Mini Album 'FLY WITH US'


ONEUS 3rd Mini Album 'FLY WITH US' Preorder

The pre-order for ONEUS 3rd Mini Album 'FLY WITH US' is available here at MMT!

This is the finale of ONEUS' beloved 'US' series, so don’t miss the chance to become the first TOMOONs to listen to their new songs and get your hands on MMT exclusive photo card, too!

Pre-order Open: September 23 at 3PM KST

Pre-order Close: September 29 at 11:59PM KST

Official Release Date: September 30

※ If you wish to do group pre-orders, please contact us here.

<< SPEC >> 

- Booklet: 145x183x7mm 96p (1EA)

- Lyrics Card: 145x183mm (8EA)

- Post Card: 145x183mm (1EA) / Random 1 out of 2

- Photo Card: 55x85mm (2EA) / Random 2 out of 12 (White Ver. / Black Ver.)

- Bookmark: 50x160mm (1EA)

- Poster: 405x610mm (1EA) / Random 1 out of 3

- MMT EXCLUSIVE PHOTO CARD: 2 out of 6 RANDOM (55*85mm) (Available only for purchases made through MyMusicTaste)


Update #1

ONEUS 3rd Mini Album 'FLY WITH US' Hanteo Chart!

Reflecting your purchase on Hanteo Chart 

All album purchases made on MyMusicTaste are reflected in BOTH the Hanteo Album AND Hanteo Global charts:
1) Album purchases from MMT are automatically counted in the Hanteo Album chart. 
2) In order for your purchase(s) to also count on the Hanteo Global chart, you must register the Hanteo Authentication card in your album.

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September 23, 2019