Update #5


ONF members decorated, signed, and gift-wrapped a handful of their upcoming albums! Random purchasers of SPECIAL and GENERAL ticket tiers will receive these gift albums!

These gift albums will include a booklet signed by all 6 members AND a customized signature by 1 member! All members wrapped these albums with lots of love and care!

It’s a secret how they customized it, but you will surely be amazed by ONF's gift-wrapping skills!

Only 1 DAY LEFT until 2020 ONF <SPIN-OFF COUNTDOWN> FANMEETING! You can't miss it!
August 8, 2020
Update #4

Sneak peek into ONF online fanmeeting rehearsals!

On August 8, 00:00 KST ONF will have their exclusive live rehearsals for 2020 ONF <SPIN-OFF COUNTDOWN> FANMEETING!

All those who purchase the tickets to the online fanmeeting before the end of the rehearsals will be able to view the session through MyMusicTaste.com ‘LIVE’ page. 

Run time: approximately 20 minutes

If you haven't purchased the tickets, you still have time!
FUSE, show your love and support!

DISCLAIMER: This live rehearsal clip will not be included in the VOD or published anywhere else. It will only be available live at 00:00 KST, August 8.
If you have problems viewing the live rehearsals make sure to clear your cache.
August 7, 2020
Update #3

A special benefit for 2020 ONF <SPIN-OFF COUNTDOWN> FANMEETING!!

1) Live Broadcast at Studio


ONF will be having an exclusive rehearsal live session for 2020 ONF <SPIN-OFF COUNTDOWN> FANMEETING. Get to see their last rehearsal before the start of the show from their practice studio! 

All those who purchase the tickets to the fanmeeting before the end of the rehearsals will be able to view the session through MyMusicTaste.com "LIVE' page.

-       DATE and TIME: Saturday, August 8, 12 PM (KST) (Midnight of August 7)

-       DURATION: The broadcast will last for approximately 20 minutes.

-       PLATFORM: MyMusicTaste.com ‘LIVE' page


2) Pre-release of New Track Performances

ONF will premier several songs from their upcoming comeback, and you are in the front row to witness it! 


3) Results of the Pop Up Event

Do you remember the pop up event “If ONF had a day off?” held on Friday, July 24 via ONF’s official Twitter account? Guess what? You’ll find out the result of this event at this fanmeeting! Please look forward to it! 

July 31, 2020
Update #2

Notice for purchasers of the SPECIAL ticket tier for 2020 ONF <SPIN-OFF COUNTDOWNN> FANMEETING.

1) Video Call Announcement

Among the SPECIAL ticket buyers, 30 people will be randomly drawn for video calls with ONF members.

-       DATE and TIME: Monday, August 10, 11 PM to 12 PM (KST)

-       DURATION: Each winner will be given 30 seconds for the video-call with ONF (all members : 1 winner)

-       WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: August 10, 2020 at 11 AM (KST) via email

-       PRECAUTIONS: Winners only get one call at the assigned time. If you do not pick up the phone call, your participation will be denied.


-            2020 ONF <SPIN-OFF COUNTDOWN> FANMEETING provides approx. 20 min-long Special VOD of behind cuts. Please note that this VOD is not a full video of the fanmeeting and is exclusive to SPECIAL ticket purchasers.

-            Please be advised that the VOD will be released after the Korea Media Rating Board reviews the contents and will be serviced for 60 days from the day of the release; this may take some time and you will be notified before the VOD is released. 

July 30, 2020
Update #1

Additional Notice about TICKET INFO

SIGNED CD handwritten by the members will be provided to all SPECIAL and GENERAL ticket purchasers.

(Lucky draw for the video-call event is only applicable to the SPECIAL ticket purchasers).
July 30, 2020