Global Video Chat Fansign Event


Product type

Participation Notice


1. No refunds and/or exchanges allowed for albums purchased for the event.

2. This event is non-transferable. The winner is the only person allowed to participate in the event if another person or two and more people pick up the phone, the call will be terminated.

3. If you are caught transferring or selling the winning ticket for this event on Social media, you will not be able to participate in any future events of AB6IX.

4. Unreasonable requests, personal questions regarding AB6IX and yourself, and questions that might be misleading are prohibited.

5. Live streaming the event (Instagram live, Facebook live, Twitter live, etc) is prohibited.

6. If a winner of the event does not pick up the phone call more than twice, your participation will be denied. (If you do not receive the call after we call once more due to unavoidable reasons, you will not be able to participate in the event on the same day)

7. You will have one minute with each member and when the time is done, the screen will automatically move to the next member.

8. During the event, filming or recording with a different device is prohibited.

9. The order of the fansign will be shared via individual emails to the winners. (The order will be scheduled according to time difference)

10. If you do any actions that hinder the process, the video call may be terminated after a notification from the person in charge.

11. English and Chinese interpreters will be assisting the conversation, however, due to time constraints, their participation will be limited to the minimum.

12. Winners will need to submit their personal information and questions to AB6IX by replying to our winner announcement email within Tuesday, June 9, 2:00 PM ~ Thursday, June 11, at 2:00 PM (KST).

(For a smooth communication between the artist and fans, we will be allowing post-it questions for this event.)

13. P.S. requests are prohibited

<Required info>

1. MyMusicTaste ID

2. Messenger of Preference : Skype/LINE/KAKAO TALK/WeChat (choose 1)

3. The user ID of your chosen messenger, phone number or email address (The ID must be searchable and public)

4. The country you live in

5. The question you want to ask the artists:

        - The question must be asked in either English, Chinese or Japanese.

        - For convenience, the question will be posted beforehand on the page to be signed

        - Questions that are prohibited or against the format will be denied

6. Agreement on personal information usage

    - The receiver of the customer's personal information: MyMusicTaste

    - Purpose of usage: to verify the winners and to send packages 

    - Information gathered: Name, birthday, phone number, messenger ID

    - Usage period: Once the purpose is fulfilled, the information will be disposed of

[Questions Format]

※ Prohibited questions and requests

    - Requesting drawings

    - Showing of percentage

    - Choosing one out of two (X/O)

    - Multiple choice question

※ Prohibited type of questions

    - Asking for personal information (Related to family, Kakaotalk information etc.)

    - Questions that could cause either sexual, religious, or political misunderstanding (Subject to staff members judgment)

    - Questions related to other artists (Which artist are you close with? etc)

    - Questions regarding ideal types (What is your ideal type?)


[Event guidelines]

1. The winner prepares his/her phone prior to the event and waits for their turn

    - The order of the fansign will be shared via individual emails to the winners.

2. Answer the video phone call

    - Before the video phone call, we will send the guidelines via your chosen messenger

    - If you do not answer the phone call more than twice, we will move on to the next person, so please be sure to answer the call

3. When the fansign event wraps up, please be sure to end the call.

    - Please keep in mind that of the participant does not end the call, the phone call will be terminated on our end

※ Fansign Events of MyMusicTaste are conducted according to management guidelines. Therefore, the operation method differs by artist, please keep this and the guidelines in mind.


- All unclaimed packages that return back to the sender can only be reshipped at the expense of a purchaser. The calculation of the re-shipment cost will be in accordance with postal rates, depending on the type, weight of the parcel, shipping address and additional options.

- All claims must be submitted to MyMusicTaste within seven (7) days of delivery as marked by the shipping company. The customer must provide all requested documentation supporting the claim within thirty (30) business days of MyMusicTaste receiving notice of the claim. Written documentation supporting your claim may include, but is not limited to, a description and images of damage, description of goods, and proof of value such as the order number. These documents must be verifiable to MyMusicTaste’s satisfaction.

- MyMusicTaste is not liable for loss or damage resulting from any deliberate act or during the transporting and/or delivering of the goods. If, however, you received your product and believe it to be defective, or it arrives damaged, please contact us within 5 business days of the delivery date of your order. Include your order number and any photo evidence you may have showing the damage or defect. Once we receive the item you consider defective, we will fully examine it and issue a refund with its reshipment cost at the expense of MyMusicTaste.

- Duties and taxes are not included in the price. Your package may incur fees upon delivery, and this charge is determined by your local customs authority