1. No refund and exchange are allowed for albums purchased for the event.

2. If you do not answer the phone call more than twice, you will be eliminated from participating in the event. Please be sure to check the event time and if you can answer the phone call before applying for the event.

3. The time is different for each continent. So please apply only if you can participate after checking the starting time for each continent.

4. An English and Chinese interpreter are provided but due to time limit, the participation of the interpreter will be limited to the minimum.

5. We will be receiving personal information and questions from the winners prior to the event, from Monday, April 20, 1:00 PM to Wednesday, April 22, 1:00 PM. Please do send your personal information and questions via the winner announcement e-mail. You will need to provide the following information:

    - User Id

    -  Platform Preference : Skype/LINE/KAKAO TALK/WeChat (Please do choose only 1)

    - The id of your chosen platform,  phone number or e-mail address

    - Questions you want to ask the members

[Questions guidelines]

1. Questions are only allowed in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese

2. For convenience questions will be posted beforehand on each member’s page to be signed

3. Questions that are prohibited or against the format will be limited

4. Question Format:

Questions should be one for each member and should be in a short answer format. Every question must end with a question mark.

            Ex) What is your favorite color? What is one item you will bring to an uninhabited island?

Due to time limit, questions that are too long are not allowed and each question should be one sentence.

         ※ Below are formats that are not allowed

              - Requesting drawings

              - Show of percentage

              - Choose one out of two (X/O) format

              - Multiple choice question

 5. Questions such as below are not allowed

Asking for personal information (Related with family, Kakaotalk information etc

Questions that the staff consider could cause either sexual, religious, or political misunderstanding

Questions related to other artists (Which artist are you close with? etc)

Questions regarding ideal types (What is your ideal type?)

6. P.S. requests are prohibited


[How the event will proceed]

1. The winner prepares his/her phone prior to the event and waits for their turn

The order of the fansign will be informed individually via e-mail to the winners only

2. Answer the video phone call

5 minutes before the video phone call, we will send you guidelines via your chosen platform

If you do not answer the phone call more than twice, we will move on to the next person, so please be sure to answer the call.

3. For the Meet & Call Fansign event, one participant will be able to communicate for a total of 5 minutes with all members of MCND

The video call will proceed member by member and after a certain period of time, the screen will be automatically moved to the next member

4. When the Fansign event wraps up, please be sure to end the call.

Please keep in mind that If the participant does not end the call, the phone call may be terminated


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