Europe Tour Photo Book Project

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US $75,469 (251%)
reached of US $30,000 goal
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From fun street tours to breathtaking onstage shots, A.C.E wants to share their latest tour memories with YOU. 

A.C.E has just wrapped up A.C.E WORLD TOUR [TO BE AN ACE] IN EUROPE, and they want to seize every moment from their latest tour and make it into a photo book! This is your chance to see all the exclusive photos before, during, and after the concert.

Watch A.C.E's Europe tour sneak peek video below!

When the project closes and the project goal is reached, A.C.E will send you their new photo book along with other special merchandise! So support and share this project with fellow Choices!!

PLEASE NOTE - Because the project reached 100%, this project will NOT issue refunds. Be sure to read all the product details and FAQ page thoroughly before making your purchase!!!

*Unless the project does not reach its goal by the project end date, this project does not issue refunds.


Reach 300% to get a...
SIGNED A.C.E Polaroid (One random member)
It will be given to EVERY contributor!!!

Join by March 15, 18:00 KST to get an...
A.C.E pinback button set (6 total)
*Only when the project goal is reached.


*Actual rewards may vary from image.

[1. A.C.E Europe tour photo book]

[2. Thank-you letter from A.C.E (digital)]

[3. Limited edition photo cards of all members (5 total)]

[4. Credited as a producer in the new A.C.E Europe tour photo book]

[5. 3 A.C.E postcards]

[6. Signed A.C.E Europe tour photo book]

[7. 3 Behind-the-scenes photo prints]

[8. Personalized voice message (1 random member)]

[9. A handwritten thank-you card by ALL members of A.C.E]

[10. Special 1:1 video chat with ALL members of A.C.E]

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Update #7
June 11, 2019

Production Status Update

Good news, CHOICE!

A.C.E's cover video for the 400% completion reward has been sent to your email today, so please check your email!

We will ship out the packages by August 2019. For the 500% completion reward, your package will include an A.C.E masking tape with handwritten messages. You will be able to track your package from this page once the shipping starts.

For Diamond package buyers: we will contact you separately via email regarding the schedule for your special 1:1 video chat with A.C.E, so stay tuned for updates!

For Platinum & Diamond package buyers: we sent you a personalized voice message from A.C.E member via email, so check your inbox!

For any updates, please check back this page.

Thank you for your support!

Update #6
April 26, 2019



A.C.E Europe Tour Photo Book closed at 503%! Not only you will get the exclusive A.C.E photo book but also get A.C.E's cover video AND masking tape with their handwritten messages~

As stated before, your package will be shipped out within the next six months. Check back for any updates regarding the status of the production and shipping.

Update #5
April 26, 2019


Update #4
April 22, 2019


Update #3
April 4, 2019


Update #2
March 19, 2019

300% Reached!


Thanks to all YOUR support, A.C.E's Europe Tour Photo Book Project already reached over 300% within JUST ONE WEEK!

This means that EVERYONE who's joined the project before the project end date will receive a SIGNED Polaroid photo!! 

To celebrate, A.C.E sent a cute message to express their appreciation~ Check out the video below!

Remember - the project ends on April 26, 18:00 KST! Share this wonderful project with your friends~ Show your CHOICE power once again!!

Update #1
March 12, 2019


CHOICEs around the world - share A.C.E’s most precious moment!

A.C.E’s Europe Tour Photo Book project is now open!!

Project PeriodMarch 12, 18:00 KST - April 26, 18:00 KST

🐦Early Bird Reward: Join by March 15 at 18:00 KST to get an A.C.E pinback button set (6 total) when the project goal is reached.

Join now to become a producer of their new photo book!
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