[Participation Notice]

- ID will be checked before entry to the fansign. You must bring a photo ID, such as a driver's license, passport, or student ID, that also includes your birthday. Actual ID must be presented as copies will not be accepted.

- Entry will be denied if your ID does not match the name you used for the lottery.

- Ticket to the fansign is non-transferrable. Entry will be denied if your ID does not match the name on the winners list.

- You can purchase multiple albums to increase your chances of winning. However, you cannot win more than one ticket to the fansign.

- You can only enter one name under ‘Fansign Information’ per transaction. Please enter your full name (including middle name) as reflected on your ID. The winner’s name has to match your ID fully before entry is allowed.

- You cannot return nor exchange any albums you purchased for this fansign event.

- You will be able to draw a seat number randomly from a box and pick up your album after a member of our staff checks your ID. Seat arrangement will be decided by the seat number tags.

- Make sure to get your album during the check in, if you fail to retrieve your album on the day of the fansign we won't be able to ship it.

- When you approach the signing table, you will only be able to bring the following items: your seat number tag, album booklet and props that you brought to the fansign.

- For a smooth operation, our staff will be checking your items while you wait. Inappropriate items will not be allowed. Please be courteous and refrain from bringing items related to a different artist.


- The following items are strictly forbidden.

*Any items with inaccessible and invalid patterns which could lead to misunderstandings (items which may contain possibilities of misleading related to religion, race, political issues.)

*Any items causing flame and explosions

- Autographs will only be done on the ‘ONEUS Mini Album Vol.3 [FLY WITH US]’. One album will be handed out to attendees on the day of the fansign.

- You can take pictures and videos of the entire fansign event from your seat. However, pictures, videos, and audio recordings will be prohibited while you are waiting in line to approach the signing table and as you are getting your albums signed. You must leave your cell phone, camera, camcorder, and any other - recording device at your seat. If you are found violating this rule, you will be instructed to delete the photo and/or video and will be escorted out of the fansign.

- Please write your name in clear English or Korean on the Post-it so that the artist can dedicate the autograph to you. The autograph will be addressed only to the name on the Post-it. You must only write your name, and you cannot change the name mid-way. If you are found to be violating this rule, you may be escorted out of the fansign event.

- Please mark your specific page in order to get artists’ autograph by using your own index Post -it. Each member will give autographs only one page that you choose.

- Writing down any questions on a post-it is NOT allowed. However requesting additional notes and auotgraph is acceptable.

- Please note, hand-written letters will not be accepted at this global fansign.

- Please note, gifts will not be accepted at this fansign. However, if you brought a hat, hairband, or any other accessories for the artist to wear, please give it to our staff. Our staff will pass it along to the artists; it is up to their decision to wear it or not. Note, you must collect your item once the fansign is over.

- Live-streaming on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. YouTube, etc.) is strictly prohibited. If you are found violating this, you will be escorted out of the fansign.

- You may not move or trade seats with other fans. Please remain seated throughout the fansign until it is your turn to go up to the signing table.

- Flash photography, use of AF illuminator, strobe light is strictly prohibited.

- Monopods and tripods can only be installed in your place. You cannot install a monopod or tripod that is higher than your own height. If it interferes with the audience, the staff may ask you to take it down.

- Please do not interrupt the event by shouting or calling out a specific artist.

- Rude, offensive, inappropriate, or excessive requests will be denied. Please note, hugging and selfies with the artists are not allowed at this event. You may only hold or touch hands. If you are found violating this, you will be escorted out of the fansign.

- Please exercise manners and refrain from disrespectful activities such as drawing on the artists or pinching their cheeks. Attaching brooches, stickers, etc. to the artists' costumes during signing is also prohibited in order to prevent damage to the costumes.

- To ensure a smooth and enjoyable fansign event, please cooperate with the onsite staff and follow the ground rules listed above. Enjoy!


- All unclaimed packages that return back to the sender can only be reshipped at the expense of a purchaser. The calculation of the re-shipment cost will be in accordance with postal rates, depending on the type, weight of the parcel, shipping address and additional options.

- All claims must be submitted to MyMusicTaste within seven (7) days of delivery as marked by the shipping company. The customer must provide all requested documentation supporting the claim within thirty (30) business days of MyMusicTaste receiving notice of the claim. Written documentation supporting your claim may include, but is not limited to, a description and images of damage, description of goods, and proof of value such as the order number. These documents must be verifiable to MyMusicTaste’s satisfaction.

- MyMusicTaste is not liable for loss or damage resulting from any deliberate act or during the transporting and/or delivering of the goods. If, however, you received your product and believe it to be defective, or it arrives damaged, please contact us within 5 business days of the delivery date of your order. Include your order number and any photo evidence you may have showing the damage or defect. Once we receive the item you consider defective, we will fully examine it and issue a refund with its reshipment cost at the expense of MyMusicTaste.

- Duties and taxes are not included in the price. Your package may incur fees upon delivery, and this charge is determined by your local customs authority.